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Practice Makes Perfect

Justin and Andrew are role-playing different real-world work scenarios as part of the Coffee Cart Program curriculum that teaches them important job skills. These job skills do not just help the students learn to make, run and operate the coffee business at Cotopaxi High School but are skills needed for any job. Here Justin is reprimanding his employee Andrew for always being late to the workplace. Andrew, with his soft-spoken and mild manner, does not react to being called out for being consistently late to work. Instead, he apologizes and says he will fix the problem of being late by coming in earlier and leaving work later.

As a class, we discussed the different ways people could react to this real-world work scenario. We had Kelsey and Victoria replay the same scenario and of course, Victoria and Kelsey were able to put their own sassy reactions to being called out for being late to work. It was a great learning exercise about what communication skills are required in all types of situations at work. Great work students!!