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A Retired Teacher’s Smile – Mrs. Reta!

We got to Starbucks and she pulled up. Mrs. Reta Martinez. Mrs. Reta, as she is affectionately called by all of the students, began working with Gus, Justin, Grace, Victoria, Kelsey, Andrew, Troy, and Nico when they were in elementary school. She was a paraprofessional at Cotopaxi High School for many years before retiring last year due to health reasons.

Mrs. Reta couldn’t believe her eyes when she first saw how big “her” kids have grown. She sat down at the Starbucks table with all of her old students and she was amazed and thrilled with the Coffee Cart Program. She commented, “I was so impressed with the coffee shop program that is being provided for the students at Cotopaxi. I got to see students using job skills and conversational skills that will help them in any job situation. The manager at the Starbucks was impressive in the way she worked with the students but the other employees were also very welcoming and encouraging. I hope this program can continue so that the students get the opportunity to branch out and meet more people, experience new things, but especially gain skills that will help them in life with jobs and many other situations. I want to thank the Langs for their support of the Coffee Cart Program and all the other things they do to help Cotopaxi School! I look forward to being able to meet the students again as they work and experience these community activities and work experiences.”