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The Coffee Cart Program curriculum is being celebrated by students, parents, business owners, and school leaders.  Check out the latest “buzz” to come out of the great work that the students are doing.

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The Coffee Cart Program “CCP” is a job and life skills curriculum for 9th to 12th grade special education students.  We hand select the students to participate in each CCP based on their IEP needs, skill set, and level of parental support.  We teach and train each student to be hardworking, reliable and independent employees with our job skills curriculum.  Each student will learn each of the following job: greeter, server, barista, cashier, custodian, dishwasher, bookkeeper and team leader. Our curriculum meets the student where they are whether they are non-verbal or intellectually challenged. We provide the individualized lesson plans and visual supports needed to help them achieve their goals. 

Community Business Partners

An integral part of the CCP is to teach our students job skills. We want to make sure they have real world work opportunities while they are still in high school.  They practice what they have learned in the classroom during our work trips to local businesses at least once a month.

The Gus Belt Family Foundation partners with local community businesses to provide our CCP students these amazing real world work opportunities. These experiences demonstrate to our local business owners and our communities that our CCP students are capable, dependable, and employable and deserve the chance to work side by side with the mainstream students and adults.

Justin and Troy stocking at the Brown Dog Cafe
Troy washing dishes at the Brown Dog Cafe

upon Graduation from High School

Our goal with the CCP goes beyond our students’ four years of high school.  Our program’s goal is to help each student seek, obtain, and retain employment after high school using the job and life skills we build during high school.  We teach our students how to create a resume and apply for job positions that interest them.  We also provide them the very basic needs that we take for granted to get and keep a job, like transportation or hands-on support at their place of employment.

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