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CCP – Getting Ready for Starbucks

Our students at the Cotopaxi High School Coffee Cart Program are gearing up for their real-world work experience at the Canon City, Starbucks. The students will work the drive-thru, clean tables, and serve customers. In order for our students to shine during their work visit, preparation is key! The students work on their communication, teamwork, attitude, and networking skills leading up to the big day. Our special education students require repetition and visuals to learn the drinks and food items on the Starbucks menu.

They take these real-world work experiences very seriously and try their best to memorize and practice their knowledge of the menu of the items in order to give Starbucks customers the best experience. The students are working hard to make a good impression on Starbucks’ staff and customers. Please come and support them at Starbucks in Canon City, Colorado from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m.