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Finding Time to Have a Laugh at Ourselves

Grace and Victoria are both seniors at Cotopaxi High School and both are students in the Coffee Cart Program that is designed to teach special education students job skills in order to make, run, and operate a coffee business in the school. They have known each other for many years and their road together has not always been like it appears in this picture. Grace is a special education student who struggles with her speech and is very shy when talking to people. Victoria has had struggles with confidence reading and answering questions when asked on the spot. They both grew very good at putting on a brave face for one another and for everyone else whenever their confidence was shaken by their disabilities.

Here you see them practicing, with their Coffee Cart Program classmates, identifying and pronouncing the names of the Starbucks drinks for our next real-world work experience on January 20th at the Canon City, Starbucks. The girls break out into laughter because Grace could not pronounce the word “Mocha”. There was a time when Grace would have been so self-conscience when she misspoke a word that she would shut down but now after finding confidence and trust in her classmates, she is able to laugh about something as simple as mispronouncing the word “Mocha”. This is an excellent example of what learning about teamwork and attitude and communication with your coworkers can do! Keep smiling girls!!