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Little Red Hen Bakery Makes an Impact on our CCP students

Owners Emily and Andrew Walker of the Little Red Hen Bakery (“LRHB”) recently visited our CCP classroom and awarded Justin the Student Employee of the Month honor (blog article). We see him here at the LRHB working and greeting customers with a smile. Justin practiced and used his communication skills when asking the customers if they would like a free sample of the LRHB’s organic carrot raisin muffins. He also made oatmeal raisin cookies and put them in the oven. Justin worked so hard leading up to his real work experience by practicing his dialogue and cutting muffins and handing them out to our CCP students in preparation for his LRHB experience.

He was so proud to wear his own LRHB tee shirt and to work behind the counter. Justin tried the cashier position too! He did an amazing job. Emily and her staff were so patient and kind and did a wonderful job guiding Justin and all of our CCP students to learning and reinforcing their different job skills. Victoria worked the cash register and prepared cookies, Nico bagged bread, and Gus washed dishes, served customers free samples, made cookies and restocked pastries. See my next post to read more about what Nico was up to during our visit with the LRHB. Thank you, Emily, Andrew and all of the employees at the Little Red Hen Bakery!!!