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CCP Students Encourage Others

The students of the Cotopaxi High School Coffee Cart Program got another great real-world work experience at the Starbucks in Canon City on Monday, January 20th. Grace worked the mobile customer counter and the drive-thru and gave out drinks. One customer, in particular, was there to watch our students in action. Clayton, a disabled student at Canon High School, came to check out how other students with disabilities are working. Grace greeted him and spoke to him about her work experience including that during her first time at this Starbucks, she was nervous to speak to customers. She explained that with practice and hard work through the job skills training class called the Coffee Cart Program, she has more confidence than ever.

Grace is a wonderful example of how working with students with disabilities to train them that they are capable and employable will influence not only Grace but also spread to many others in the communities. Keep up the great work Grace!