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Nico is a changed person since joining the CCP says his mom

Today was a special day, not just because our Coffee Cart Program (“CCP”) students got the opportunity to work at the Little Red Hen Bakery (“LRHB”), but because a mother got to see her son (Nico) thrive in a workplace environment. Pictured here is Nico holding a bag of bread that he bagged using the hug, squeeze, and tie method taught to him by Emily, the owner of Little Red Hen Bakery.

Simone Soucy, Nico’s mom, has watched her son struggle to learn to count money. She said, “Nico has never been able to develop any concept of money. We have worked so hard on the money concept, but now with the CCP, he is developing that understanding.” Nico has autism, so he often will avoid eye contact and not seem engaged with the people around him.

Through the CCP, not only does Nico get to have real-world work experiences like the LRHB, but he also has started making deliveries to teachers where he collects money for each cup of coffee, and he has to make change. He also has an opportunity to convey his great attitude with eye contact, a smile, and a “Have a nice day!”