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My visit to the CCP at Cotopaxi

I recently paid a visit to the CCP at Cotopaxi during walk-in hours during 7th hour. I was greeted by Gus with a big smile and a “Hello, how are you today?” That was the first time that Gus has ever said anything to me, let alone a sentence. I told him I was “Great!” and he pulled out a card from the pocket of his orange apron and said by reading the card “Would you like something to drink?” I smiled and said, “Yes, Gus. I would love that!”. He continued to read his card and said, “I will get your server for you.”

This conversation with Gus was remarkable to me and made me feel so happy! Next, came Kelsey (my server) who smiled and again used her card and said, “What can I get you to drink?” I said, “A tea with honey.” She replied, “I will be right back with your tea with honey.”

I sat with some other “customers” and enjoyed my tea. It was an amazing experience watching these special students in action learning to socialize and work hard at the same time. If you haven’t been for a visit, I highly recommended it!!!