Thoughtful CCP Gesture

I was sick last week and looking forward to Thursday when I could go home, get some rest, and try to recuperate. I received a call from my dad on Wednesday night. His health has been declining for the past few months, and it became very apparent he needed me. I packed Wednesday night and planned to leave after school on Thursday. Victoria stopped me Thursday morning, said she heard I had been ill, and that I had to drive to Kansas after school. She asked if she could bring me a cup of hot tea for my drive. She offered to bring the special sore throat tea. She even offered to get to the cafe early so she could get it to me before I left. I was so overwhelmed by her kindness it brought tears to my eyes. It brings more tears as I sit and tell you. That kind of selflessness, caring, and concern for others is something to cherish. Her sweet soul made an unforgettable impact on my heart!

What you all are doing for and with the kids needs to be celebrated. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
—Kris Schoech, Middle School English Teacher at Cotopaxi Schools