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Growing up with Gus

My name is Pete Belt, Gus’ older brother. I knew from an early age that Gus was different and didn’t talk. I once told my mom early on, “I think I know why Gus doesn’t talk, he must speak french. We need to learn french.” I wasn’t far off the mark because what I have realized over the years is that, yes Gus doesn’t talk, but he does communicate volumes. Gus says more about how to work hard, be kind, and always bring a smile to people’s faces, then most of his neurotypical peers.

I am extraordinarily proud to call Gus my brother and I hope that you will follow this blog and our journey together to make sure he learns the job and life skills he needs to get a job when he graduates. Until my next post…Pete Belt, 17-year-old junior at Cotopaxi High School.